Workplace Early Childhood Education and Care Service in Parkville

FROEBEL has been appointed as provider for the new workplace Early Childhood Education and Care Service at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (Institute) in Melbourne (Parkville), set to open on 3 July 2018. 

The service is going to provide 100 places for children from approx. 3 months to 5 years of age, with an integrated Kindergarten Program from 2019. 

FROEBEL and the Institute share the vision that the service will be a well-connected place, embedded in the lively Parkville precinct, where strong associations with the community are celebrated and utilised to continuously improve services to children and their families. The new service will have a strong focus on bilingual education and inquiry-based, early STEM learning. FROEBEL will be implementing its Little Scientists program, which has recently been endorsed by the Australian Government under the National Innovation and Science Agenda. FROEBEL’s vision is to holistically and continuously train its early childhood educators and teachers at the service on all Little Scientists modules, and to make early STEM education the trademark of the service over time. The program offers a range of possibilities for close collaboration with the Institute community which FROEBEL will seek to involve.

The Institute is committed to reconciliation and creating meaningful integration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into all aspects of the organisation. FROEBEL shares this commitment and will be integrating Indigenous culture and history into the curriculum.

German will be introduced as a second community language at the service. Whilst English will be the main language of the service, a number of German-speaking educators will work with the children in German, all day, every day. 

Next milestones for this new opening are:

April 2018: Practical completion of construction works and building commissioning 

Until June 2018: Fit out and furnishing of the play and learning spaces / Application for relevant operational approvals from relevant authorities 

June 2018: 'Soft Opening' with Play and Orientation Sessions for first intake of families

3 July 2018: Commencement of operations, subject to Service Approval

Throughout Q3/Q4, 2018: Staggered intake of new children

Please note: This new service will be a workplace Early Childhood Education and Care Service, with priority of access for eligible families (such as employees of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute). Excess capacity will be made available to families within the wider community. The applicable Priority of Access Policy will be released shortly. From 2018, families will be able to register for the waiting list through FROEBEL’s online registration platform. Details will be provided in due course.

Join the Opening Team

Early Childhood Teachers and Educators with a particular interest in bilingual and inquiry-based, early STEM learning are encouraged to already email their CV to our HR team (Attention: Caroline Koch, Reference: Parkville) to express their interest in joining the new team. 

Email FROEBEL's HR Team