Family Testimonials

"We are thrilled with the care that our son Carter receives at FROEBEL. The staff genuinely love the children and go above and beyond their roles. It is so much more than just a job for them. The learning environment at  FROEBEL is wonderful and we feel we have  FROEBEL to thank for so much of Carter’s development. Great thought and effort goes into the themes and activities introduced to the children. Families are often invited to contribute to the learning, which helps us to feel involved. Thanks to the bilingual environment, we are amazed that our three year old is able to sing the same song in “English and German” (as he explains!). We consider  FROEBEL to be an extension of our family and we feel extremely fortunate to be part of this centre."      

Katy and Timothy Kersten, Alexandria


"The 2 most outstanding aspects of FROEBEL are the standard of care and the curriculum. Consistently, we find that  FROEBEL staff offer support and care not only for our children, but for our whole family.  FROEBEL is proactive in developing educational programs for the children, which are tailored to the individual needs of each child. The close ties between our children's family life and school, combined with the superior curriculum, are major contributors to our children’s development, both academically and socially. Our children come home happy and full of stories to tell. Rarely does a weekend pass without our children asking after the  FROEBEL staff. No parent could ask for greater reassurance!"

Tania and Adrian K., Erskineville


"My 2 sons have been attending FROEBEL since they were 6 months old and it offers so much more than babysitting. I have been continuously and pleasantly delighted with their progress in learning so many fundamental skills at 'school'. The centre has a wonderful community/family feel and I really value to close bond I have with Fionna and her team. I sincerely recommend  FROEBEL to any family in the area."

Loretta Bolton, Erskineville


"When we decided to move to Australia I was 25 weeks pregnant and mum of a 2 1/2 year old boy. […] I had made contact with the  FROEBEL nursery, which I had found on the internet by chance, and Fionna tried her very best to provide us with a 2 days spot so that I, who was by then heavily pregnant, would be able to look after our son in a completely new and unknown city while my husband returned to England. Not only was the nursery very supportive and friendly with my son, who had gone through a lot of changes with the move already and was going to go through a lot more soon, the staff was very supportive, caring and accommodating to us as a family also. When we were still in the UK my son had been attending nursery since he had been 11 months old so I was able to return to work part time. But now although we had moved to the other side of the world he was in a German spoken environment, which was more than we have had when we were still living in the UK only a short distance away from Germany. Until then we had been raising him bilingually German-English through myself speaking to him in German and also attending a weekly German playgroup and English through everybody else. At  FROEBEL's nursery there are two German native speakers every day, who will teach the English speaking children German and maintain a German environment for the bilingual children. My son, who has been able to understand everything  in both languages has always only answered me back in English, but has now started to speak some German words as well and has even been translating a few words for my English husband.
I would like more German resources like books and other things to be available in the nursery, but since my son has started at  FROEBEL 4 months ago I have seen big changes and real commitment towards making this happen from the side of the management. My son had to go through a lot of changes including having a new baby in the house and I am certain that his days at the nursery have played a big role for him to get through this and get settled in an all new environment.  FROEBEL Alexandria is not only an excellent nursery it is also a great haven for families, who have come to Australia."

Leona Pemberton, Waterloo