Enrolment and Waiting List

Are you interested in enrolling your child with FROEBEL Fitzroy North? Please join our Waiting List by clicking on the Waiting List button on this webpage. For a limited time only, joining our waiting list is free! Please be aware that we have currently wait times for placements across all age groups. 

You can register your interest even if your child is not yet born (please enter TBA in the child's name section and the expected date of birth). Once registered, you will be receiving relevant updates from the Centre Director. 

For fee information please click here

It is our priority to keep the waiting list and enrolment process fair for all our families. FROEBEL applies the following Priority of Access Guidelines when allocating placements:

  • Priority 1: a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Priority 2: any other child.

Within Priority 2, priority is given to: 

  • a child of a family who is or was previously enrolled at FROEBEL,
  • a child of a permanent employee of FROEBEL Australia Limited,
  • a child of a permanent employee of Deutsche Schule Melbourne,
  • a child who is or whose sibling(s) are enrolled at Deutsche Schule Melbourne.  

Orientation Period

We believe it is important that your child and our educators are able to build a relationship prior to the enrolment start. This is why we offer you and your child an Orientation period at our Centre which usually take place in the two weeks prior to the first day of enrolment. The Orientation is designed to help your child settle in to the play and learning environments and to provide sufficient time for you, your child and our educators to get to know each other and to discuss your child's routines, individual requirements, likes and dislikes. Please contact our Centre Director to learn more about our Orientation process.  

Child Care Subsidy

FROEBEL Fitzroy North is a service approved by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, and is also approved for Child Care Subsidy. Families can find further information on how to apply for family assistance with the cost of childcare on the website of the Department of Human Services.

Waiting List Registration