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Head Office

Froebel Australia Limited

Suite 501 / 105 Pitt Street
P. +61 2 8080 0065

Board of Directors:
Olde Lorenzen (Managing Director)
Martine Joly
Stefan Spieker 

Advisory Board:
Dr. Wolfgang Babeck (Chairman)
Florian Dehne
Peter Tesch

Fröbel Headquarter in Germany (Berlin):
Fröbel e.V.
Alexanderstrasse 9
10178 Berlin
P. +49 30 21 23 50
F. +40 30 21 23 5120

Chairman of the Board of Governors:
Stefan Spieker

Supervisory Board of Fröbel e.V.:
Dr. Peter Rösner (Chairman)
Johannes Kwaschik (Deputy Chairman)
Alexander Gerstung
Norbert Hocke
Johannes Kahrs
Dr. Gudrun Rannacher
Prof. Dr. Susanne Viernickel

Froebel Australia offers different options to provide feedback:

Feel free to use our Feedback Email Service at feedback@froebel.com.au to make suggestions or raise your concern. Emails sent to this email address will solely be reviewed by the Froebel Australia Head Office and treated with particular discretion if required.

If you wish to provide anonymous feedback please use the following link: https://froebel.typeform.com/to/X92Atk