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Guiding Principles

Our Philosophy is guided by the following Principles:

Principle of Holistic Learning

"Body, Spirit, and Soul."(Friedrich Fröbel)

We view early childhood education as active, social, physical and emotional processes that aim to acquaint children with the world. We design the children’s daily experiences in a way that they can discover and develop their individual abilities. We believe in the uniqueness of each child’s capacity and potential and advocate active educational partnerships with the parents by building a partnership of care.

Principle of Being Active

We encourage children to be self-active, self-educating individuals and we recognise the importance of play as a central integrating element in each child’s development. We believe that an early childhood professional should provide the conditions for growth with considered intentional teaching to support the learning process.

Principle of Bonding

We value open and trusting communication between educators and children. Strong bonds with their carers and teachers are essential in order to make children feel welcome, comfortable and secure and to give them social orientation.

Principle of Mutual Appreciation and Participation

In our relationships with parents and guardians, children and colleagues we respect every person and their individuality, cultural background and diverse family structures. We consider each child to be an equal member of our community, taking part in the decision-making at our centre and playing an active, age-appropriate democratic role as a young citizen.