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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in progressive ideas developed by Friedrich Fröbel, the renowned educator who shaped the kindergarten concept more than 175 years ago. His holistic approach to early learning inspires our curriculum today: child-centred, play-based, in unity with nature. And whilst we see early education through the lens of Fröbel, we are strongly committed to continuously re-imagine and further early education in the light of contemporary research and practice.

  • Our services value an approach to early learning which develops children’s autonomy and self-confidence. We see children as free, active, feeling and thinking human beings, seeing patterns and making connections.
  • Early learning at our services relates to all capabilities of each child: imaginative, creative, symbolic, linguistic, mathematical, musical, aesthetic, scientific, physical, social, moral, cultural and spiritual. Our learning environments are set up to promote joy, wonder, concentration, unity and satisfaction - and experiences that have sense, purpose and meaning to each child.
  • We encourage children to be active, self-educating individuals, and recognise the importance of play as a central, integral element in your child’s development and learning. We scaffold children's learning by providing an immersive language learning environment, and contemporary play- and inquiry-based early education which is tailored to the individual child within the group learning community.
  • Our teachers and educators guide your child on their journey of exploring the world – very much like a gardener who is nurturing seeds and seedlings in his garden to make them flourish in all their individuality.
  • Excellent qualifications of our team, educational professionalism and continuous training ensure that your child is ideally supported in her or his play and learning adventures. We design the children’s daily experiences in a way that children discover and develop their individual abilities. We believe in the uniqueness of each child’s capacity and potential and nurture collaborative relationships with our families.

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'We want every child to have the opportunity to grow into a curious capable caring and contributing global citizen, beginning with an empowered childhood.'

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