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Giving Time and Space

Time and Space for Development and Learning

Children need various stimulating challenges so that they can learn with joy and curiosity, whilst being encouraged to feel a sense of pride about what they have learned and achieved. We provide children with opportunities to explore their world, to experiment, cooperate and develop through inquiry, play and interaction with their peers. Every child deserves time, space and competent support from qualified early childhood practitioners.

Each child develops differently. The observation of each child and the evaluation of their developmental progress are core elements of our educators’ professional work.

Observations allow our educators to support each child’s learning and development individually and in the best possible way. Assessments for learning are carefully documented and form the basis of the service's educational program.

Time and Space for Development of Social Skills

Our service offers children of different backgrounds space and time to learn and socialise, developing skills for cooperating amicably and in peace. Children learn to take responsibility, become familiar with diverse social backgrounds and religions, and develop curiosity, openness, understanding, and tolerance in a multicultural society.

Time and Space for the Development of Senses and Creativity

Our services are places where children can develop their senses and creativity. Music, the expressive arts and construction are important methods of human expression. They help us achieve inner balance and peace. Children’s creative abilities and perception blossom into their very own understanding of the world, influenced by the development of feelings and physical sensitivities.

Music equally stimulates thinking, feeling and interaction; it is an integral element of human culture and “the language of the world”. Music has a positive influence on the mental, spiritual and emotional development of children. From birth, music is an intuitive form of communication between mother, father and baby. The expressive arts, as well as building and constructing, belong to the essential needs of human beings and are essential early activities of a child. Construction is a cognitive process and has been shown to benefit the mental and physical development of a child.

Time and Space for Discovery, Science and Nature

Children are curious by nature. Our services introduce the understanding and development of mathematical and scientific coherences, and foster interest and talents in natural sciences and technology through:

  • Giving every child time and space to discover, research, construct and experiment on their own,
  • Consciously introducing Friedrich Fröbel’s acclaimed ‘Spielgaben’ (Froebel gifts), including, but not limited to a ball, cylinder, cube and cone,
  • Providing various everyday materials to be used for play, and
  • Discovering nature and the environments together with other children. 

Time and Space for Movement and Promotion of Good Health

Children naturally want to move and be active. Movement and the related sensory perceptions are both basis and catalyst for life experience and learning processes. Movement activities are integral parts of our daily program. Our educators encourage children to assess their own level of needs for activity and relaxation.

Health and nutrition are essential elements of the physical and mental well-being and growth of a child. We offer healthy, nutritious, age appropriate meals. Our menu respects individual dietary requirements. Education on health and nutrition related topics are an important part of our early learning programs.